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Health is (partly) determined by food and physical activity patterns over time; not by one food, one meal or one day


Many people avoid getting the nutrition guidance they need because they are afraid they will be told to stop eating everything they love. My philosophy and experience tell me that unless the foundation of a person’s diet incorporates food they love and enjoy, the “diet” is destined to fail. Optimal nutrition and health is influenced not only by the type of food that we eat but how we enjoy that food as well. Health is (partly) determined by food and physical activity patterns over time; not by one food, one meal or one day. It is my goal to help people see and feel that when they move toward making healthier choices, based on personal preferences, on a regular basis, they simply feel better.

I believe in small gradual changes especially with weight loss as anything too fast can cause a decrease in muscle and metabolic rate and can have negative long term metabolic consequence, not to mention that very drastic changes do not typically last long.  The foundation of making sustainable change is addressing the underlying behaviors and emotions that lead us to make our daily food decisions. No matter the food approach, working on developing healthy habits and changing behaviors will be a big part of our work together. My objective is to guide you to sustainable changes using YOU and your goals as the foundation of my recommendations.

I will bring my years of experience in research and beyond to help get you there. Perhaps you thrive with some gentle guidelines to follow on a weight loss journey or perhaps you want to do away with external food rules altogether and embark on working on more mindful and intuitive eating and developing a healthier relationship with food…… maybe some combination of the two? Let’s figure you out together. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all and that is why I created NutritionKai; after many years bound by nutrition protocols I can now take the best of a variety of approaches and tailor it to you. My goal is to empower you to take charge of decisions regarding nourishing your body for overall health and wellness.