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Bring joy back to eating…


  • Experience anxiety around food

  • Can’t stand the thought of just one more diet

  • Are nervous that your kids will grow up with anxiety around foods

  • Are sick of logging and counting every morsel of food

  • Are tired of running out of points/calories/grams of carbs before you feel full

  • Let the scale dictate your mood or are preoccupied with the scale




This program is a Registered Dietitian led, 8 week class meeting once a week as a small group in Louisville starting in September/October. There will also be a second option for a once a week virtual class held starting in September/October as well. The program follows the evidence based “ Intuitive Eating” approach to nutrition and health. The price for 8 weeks is $325.00 Please join the interest list above and I will contact you with exact date and answer any questions you may have.




Food freedom is NOT another diet, it is not another set of rules; there will be no weigh ins. Diets do not address personal food preferences, or the underlying reasons that drive our food choices. All diets “work” in the short term, but over time rules about what you can and can’t eat lead to intense feelings of deprivation, powerful cravings that lead to overeating. It is well established that Yo-Yo dieting leads to negative health outcomes.

This Program Can Help You…..

  • Learn strategies, other than eating, to cope with common emotions like boredom, stress and, anxiety. Food does not fix those things…… discover tools that can be helpful.

  • Feel calmer around food rather than swinging between rigid food rules and out-of-control eating

  • Trust that you can eat ALL foods, even those that seem "off-limits"

  • Learn to reconnect with your internal cues of hunger and fullness and begin to understand and address non hunger reasons for eating

  • Enjoy feeling satisfied after eating rather than uncomfortably full or not full enough where you feel like you are thinking about food ALL the time. You cannot get satisfaction from food when there is guilt involved, learn to put an end to this.

  • Get pleasure and satisfaction from food and eating so that you are not constantly foraging to get satisfaction

  • Sort out nutrition recommendations and learn evidence-based information from long term studies and the practical application in your daily life.

  • Get active and feel the difference. Shift the focus on how exercise makes you feel rather than simply the calorie burning effect of exercise with strategies to do so.


Sound too good to be true?


Over 100 hundred studies have been published, to date, on people who are what we call

“Intuitive Eaters” ( which this program is based on) .

Experience less guilt when eating

Have more positive self esteem

Are more satisfied with their bodies

Less likely to eat in excess

Lower cardiovascular risk

Higher HDL levels

Lower triglycerides

Lower Body Mass Index (BMI)

This program does not guarantee that you will see these results , there are many factors involved, one of the main ones is your willingness and readiness to engage in this process.

Comments? Questions? Reach out to learn more & sign up for the interest list

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